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Online Business Degrees Offer a Wide Array of Options For Working Professionals

A business degree can lead to more career opportunities than you may realize. More working professionals are turning to online business degrees to enhance their current job skills, help them move into management, change career fields, or even start their own businesses.

Online business degrees are available in a broad variety of types and subject matter. The type of degree you pursue depends largely on your career goals and personal interests. Certificate programs can allow you to gain more expertise in a specific field in a short amount of time, enabling you to perform additional job duties and prepare for a specialized career path. Associate’s degrees are useful for obtaining a broad knowledge base and preparing for entry-level positions in a wide variety of fields. Bachelor’s degrees can provide you with more specialized knowledge, and Master’s degrees can help you advance your career and move into management.

Whichever type of program you choose, you can find online business degrees that deal with a wide array of specialties. General degrees can provide you with a broad exposure to all the elements that allow a business to function smoothly. For more specialized programs, you can choose degrees in accounting, human resources, marketing, operations management, leadership, or any number of areas. Whichever area you choose, most online business degrees will provide you with leadership skills and the ability to solve problems and provide innovative solutions.

Certificate programs are short, specialized programs that can help you advance your career. They generally focus on very specific areas of business, such as e-commerce or project management. Choosing an online certificate program can allow you to quickly increase your value to your organization while working around your existing work and family obligations. If you are looking to gain more knowledge in a specific area pertaining to your current career, online business degrees in specialized certificate programs are an excellent choice.

Associate’s degrees are great for those who want to expand their knowledge and gain a solid business foundation but are unable to commit to a full Bachelor’s degree program, or are uncertain about which program to pursue. Associate’s degrees can help you expand your career options and lay the groundwork for further education if you wish to pursue a more specialized degree in the future. Common online business degrees available as Associate’s degrees are accounting, marketing, and general business administration. Degrees in accounting allow you to obtain a job as a bookkeeper, accounts payable or receivable clerk, or other entry-level accounting position. Associate’s degrees in marketing provide a foundation for analyzing, planning, and implementing marketing campaigns targeted to a specific audience. Associate’s degrees in business management can provide you with valuable skills to help you achieve your organization’s goals, make managerial decisions, and motivate employees.

Bachelor’s degrees are generally the minimum requirement for entry-level business career. Employees with Associate’s degrees or with no higher education can easily pursue online business degrees while keeping their current job. In many cases, your employer will pay for online business degrees if they are directly related to your job duties and will add value to the organization. Bachelor’s degrees in business can range from specialties such as human resources, operations management, and retail management.

A Master’s degree is generally not required for career advancement, but could help you in a field where a broad knowledge base is required. The most popular type of Master’s degree in business is the MBA: Master’s of Business Administration. However, many programs offer online business degrees such as Master’s in Human Resource Management, Master’s in Professional Accounting, or Master’s in Project Management.

Online Business Degree in Contract Management

An online business degree in contract management will allow you to basically shop for a living. These professionals who are also known as professional buyers or purchasing agents are responsible for buying the goods and procuring the services that companies gain business and clients from. These professionals can buy anything needed for the company as diverse as office supplies, clothing, electronics, etc. Purchasing agents’ main focus is to get the best deal for the company. Their goal is to get the best quality products for the lowest prices. They keep in mind sales records, inventory levels, suppliers, and keep track of the supply and demand trends as well. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that graduates with college degrees in this field have the best opportunities to find jobs. Typical coursework you will face while earning your degree include legal courses, finance, business law, and contract management methods.

Many purchasing managers work in wholesale trade and focus on increase the revenues for the companies that they work for. The federal government is also a large employer for these buyers, as it contracts thousands of services for the public across the country. Many contract managers work from the comfort of their own office as well. According to the BLS, the salaries these professionals held were quite generous. In 2006, purchasing agents held salaries of about $80,000, and many of these workers traveled around the world to do business with international companies and businesses. If you love to buy things and would like to make it a career for yourself and travel at the same time, earning your online degree in contract management could be the best option for you. Earning your business degree online will not only give you the competitive edge that you need to succeed, it will also save you precious time as well as money. With an accredited online degree in contract management, you can be on your way to a rewarding and exciting career.

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